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Here at R&M Marine we specialise in the service and repairs of American Boat Trailers.

We can handle all of your compliancing needs from lighting requirements, braking and coupling certifications as well a full range of spare from company's such as Deemaxx, Kodiak, Dexter, UFP and Tiedown


If you have an imported American boat trailer and it is in need of service or repairs, then come and see us at R&M Marine as we specialise in boat trailers and have many years' experience working on various brands of American boat trailers.

If you have been told that your bearings are an odd size and that you cannot get them in Australia or if you are in need of a new brake disc and have been told it would be cheaper to just convert to a Ford/Holden axle, then you have been told wrong.

Here at R&M Marine we can source and supply just about anything you need when it comes to boat trailers and we can also help in identifying parts for your trailer whether that be:

  • Bearings

  • Brake Discs

  • Brake Calipers

  • Bearing Caps

  • Couplings

  • Axles

  • Torsion Axles

  • Spindles

We can verify your trailer, as the majority of people are being told that they must replace the coupling, as American couplings don't pass Australian Standards, which is not always the case. Some manufacturers in America are now making couplings that do pass Australian Standards, which we can identify for you, potentially saving you money in costly repairs that are not needed.

We can also supply and fit Wheels and Tyres for your American Boat Trailer


Almost all American trailers have what is called an Ez-Lube axle set up. The Ez-Lube set up takes the place of Bearing Buddies, in that the axle is drilled down the centre and then cross drilled just behind the rear bearing and a grease nipple is fitted. This enables you to pump grease through the grease nipple which is then released just behind the rear bearing forcing the grease through the rear bearing. The grease then exits through the front bearing and into the bearing cap which is essentially repacking the bearings and helping to remove any water or dirt and leaving only new grease.

Also, the bearing caps have a rubber grommet so that the grease nipple can be accessed but it also has another function which is to act as a diaphragm. If you have driven a distance to get to the boat ramp then there will be heat build-up in your bearings. If they are then put straight in to water the water this heat build-up will cause the bearings to cool rapidly creating an area inside the hub of low pressure. This will then pull water past the rear seal in an attempt to equalise the pressure. Alternatively, if you have Ez-Lube axles the rubber grommet will act as a diaphragm and make up for the pressure differential and there will be no water pulled past the seal.

ezlube caps.jpg



Stainless Rotor.png






We can supply and fit a large range of American Brake Discs including 5 Stud and 6 Stud Integral Discs and Slip Over Rotors

We have a range of Stainless Steel Brake Rotors, Stainless Steel Brake Calipers and Brake Pads

We keep in stock a large range of American Wheel Bearings to suit most American Trailers as well Seals and Dust Caps

We can supply and fit Australian Compliant Couplings



We can supply and fit Brake Calipers from manufatcures such as Deemaxx, Dexter, UFP, Kodiak and Tie Down as well rebuild existing Calipers

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